Latest Top 5 April Fool 2015 Pranks

Latest April Fool 2015 Pranks

Hello friends this blog is dedicated to April fool event, April fool day is celebrated all over the world by playing pranks on friends,coworker family members and loved ones. This blog April fool 2015 is for those who want to play tricks on this April fool day, the April fool 2015 blog contain Latest April fool 2015 Pranks, April fool 2015 Jokes, April fool 2015 funny images,April fool 2015 funny pranks, April fool 2015 trick to fool your friends,coworker family members and loved ones etc.
The April fool 2015 blog contain collection of best April fool 2015 pranks, best April fool 2015 prank tricks and April fool 2015 jokes all over the web. And also the April fool 2015 images, April fool 2015 wallpaper and April fool greetings. So that you can get the best trick, joke and images on April fool 2015 at one place.
So there are some good pranks that you can play enjoy.

Latest Top 5 April Fool 2015 Pranks

 Prank 1

Sexy Girl/ Boy Missed call !
Borrow your friend mobile phone and change the  contact numberSexy Girl/ Boy Missed call april fool 2015 trick and prank of hot girl/boy with your mobile number or change the name of your contact on friend cell phone  either of one will work and give him a miss call from your mobile no. The missed call detail will show that girl/boy name.
If he/she call back it will come to you don't pic the call that will make angry and increase your fun.
Caution : keep you phone on silent and non vibration mode you that the victim cannot find your phone ringing.



Prank 2BakingSodaDonut250

Terrible morning snack 
Make the perfect morning snack for April 1st! Buy some plain donuts.
Then coat them in baking powder. Leave them out for your victim.
They will look just like powdered-sugar donuts, but taste terrible!

Prank 3Smoking-april-fool-trick

Have a Nice Smoke
Dip the tips of someone’s cigarettes in Orajel so their lips will go numb. 

Prank 4

Lets talk
Conference call two people then don’t say anything, just listen.April-fool-2015-trick

Prank 5

Pickled HeadShrunken-Head-april-fool-2015-prank
Print out a life-size color photo of a face, or a scary creature. Find a large glass jar. Cut the photo so it fits inside the jar (facing outward with the front of the photo pressed against the glass). Then add some water (if you want, laminate the photo first, or spray with waterproofing spray). Place the jar in the refrigerator. Now... just wait until your victim opens the fridge for a snack - then be ready to shout "April Fool's!"
These were the latest top 5 April fool 2015 prank trick, play this trick on you friends and have fun.
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