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Hello friends this blog is dedicated to April fool event, April fool day is celebrated all over the world by playing pranks on friends,coworker family members and loved ones. This blog April fool 2015 is for those who want to play tricks on this April fool day jokes, the April fool 2015 blog contain Latest April fool 2015 Pranks, April fool 2015 Jokes, April fool 2015 funny images,April fool 2015 funny pranks, April fool 2015 trick to fool your friends,coworker family members and loved ones etc.
The April fool 2015 blog contain collection of best April fool 2015 pranks, best April fool 2015 prank tricks and April fool 2015 jokes all over the web. And also the April fool 2015 images, April fool 2015 wallpaper and April fool greetings. So that you can get the best trick, joke and images on April fool 2015 at one place.

April fool 2015 Joke no 1.

Milk on laptop
Make a faux milk spill out of craft glue and place it on someone's laptop or other important item.

April fool 2015 Joke no 2.

The hand wash
Cover a bar of soap in clear nail varnish and watch people wonder why it won't lather.

April fool 2015 Joke no 3.

Veggie treat
Bring someone their favorite fast food treat, but replace the food in the box with veggies
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